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Exit load in Mutual Funds

What is Exit load?   It is a percentage of the amount charged by the AMC at the time of redemption of funds i.e, at the time of selling. Exit load is different from expense ratio. Expense ratio is a fixed amount charged by the AMC annually whereas exit load [...]


How to Plan for your Child’s Education

While planning for child education, the first step is to correctly calculate the target amount.  Here, we need to calculate the amount with adjusting the inflation. Also, first you need to see how much you can save monthly according to your current financial position. So, we can have a practical [...]


How to Earn Money from Mutual Funds

You know, just investing won’t make you rich, investing the right way will !! This starts when you plan it today. You consciously decide how much you need today to meet your expenses and how much you can save easily.   Instead of wasting your savings on unnecessary things you [...]


How to choose suitable Health Insurance

Health Insurance has been the necessity of all times. But, in the Covid scenario it’s need has been increased. Why we buy insurance, depends on the factor that is our financial condition strong enough to bear the losses in case we do not buy insurance ? Ask yourself that in [...]


How to achieve Financial Freedom in simple steps

The definition of financial freedom is different for everyone. There can be various parameters on which people weigh their financial freedom. For some it may mean having enough savings or being completely debt free and for some it means having enough money to live without working. Whatever financial freedom may [...]

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