What are 4 effective ways to save money?

Free yourself from debt because it can hamper your savings. Try to cut down on unnecessary expenses like restaurants etc. Buy groceries when on sale to earn that extra savings. Keep a note of your expenses, so that you can analyze where you can cut down on unnecessary expenses and [...]


What are some tips to invest money in a mutual fund?

You should have an investment goal. You should be consistent to see the desired results Know the taxation structure for both equity and debt mutual funds You should know what exit load is applicable to the schemes you have invested Before investing, you can have a look at the portfolio [...]


What are the top 10 best investing tips?

Following are some Best investment tips 1.Find an advisor who can guide you about the best options according to your age, future goals and risk appetite. 2.Start early to get the benefit of compound interest from the early stages of investment. 3.Don’t follow any investment tip blindly without expert advice. [...]


What personal finance mistakes should everyone avoid?

Doing it all by yourself - Professional assistance to manage your finances is necessary and should not be avoided. Avoiding Budgeting - It is important to undertake proper income and expense analysis to have a clear understanding of current financial position. Mixing Insurance with Investment - Both insurance and investment [...]


How do I start saving and investing ?

If you have not started saving yet, then it may seem difficult at first. With a long list of necessary expenses, it may feel like it is not possible to cut down on any expenses and start saving. But, when you take the leap of faith, slowly you get even [...]


What are some things you can do to retire early?

The most important thing to remember when planning for your retirement is to consider the rate of inflation. This means your expected corpus for retirement should be calculated by adding up the inflation rate in the amount which is required by you (today’s value). After you are clear with the [...]


How do I manage our money?

Systematic management of money is very important for a secured financial future.  As investment consultants, we make sure to manage our clients’ money in a manner which brings both security and good returns while also fulfilling their major goals. Some points to note when managing your money are: Know your [...]

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