Early investing can help in creating good wealth with the power of compounding.

  • If you are 23 years old and your monthly salary is Rs 30,000 and your expenses are 20,000 and you can save 10,000 every month.
  • This savings for Rs 10,000 can be invested in mutual funds
  • Mutual Funds are simple to invest in and have diversity in portfolio
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • You can divide your 10,000 investment in different funds
  • In your investment portfolio, you can include tax saving funds, equity funds for long term wealth creation, liquid funds for quick withdrawal in case of need etc
  • Early investing definitely helps you in  building a very good amount of corpus
  • If you continue investing till you’re 50 years old, you can earn a corpus of more than 2 Cr (with an average interest rate of 12%)

Let your money grow. Keep Investing.