Following are some Best investment tips

1.Find an advisor who can guide you about the best options according to your age, future goals and risk appetite.

2.Start early to get the benefit of compound interest from the early stages of investment.

3.Don’t follow any investment tip blindly without expert advice.

4.Do not copy anyone’s investment portfolio.

5.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Put your money in diverse funds to lessen the risk due to volatility of market.

6.Define your budget for savings and stick to it.

7.Set long terms goals and monitor your investments accordingly.

8.Do not take any decision on the basis of short term ups and downs.

9.Every time is right time to start investing. If you wait till you think it’s the right time to invest, you might loose good opportunities.

10.Continuously monitoring your investments is important. If you think a particular investment is not giving desired results then you can switch the money to something which is more beneficial.