Health insurance provides you financial assistance by covering the medical costs, hospitalization costs, Ambulance cost, day care procedures, pre & post hospitalization expenses etc.

With the medical costs continuously touching heights, it is important to buy a health insurance policy that can take care of your hospital bills as well as pre and post hospitalization expenses. It is also necessary to look for the list of hospitals covered by the policy as it should be within your reach and provide the needed facilities.

It is important to buy a health insurance policy for all the members of the family specially the old aged ones.

With the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle and rising medical costs, buying a health insurance policy has become a necessity. But, understanding your health insurance policy is very important before you take one. 

When you buy a health insurance policy, you get multiple benefits like free health checkups, cashless hospitalization facility, specialized treatments and also, tax benefits. You can claim tax benefit for the premium paid for yourself and parents.

At Financial Friend, we swear by transparency. All the benefits of the policy with the list of hospitals covered are discussed prior. Also, the benefit level, claim, coinsurance and waiting period etc. of the policy are known beforehand.

While advising, we take due care to provide the type of policy which is suited to the needs of the insurer and provides coverage of the critical health issues (if any) that are needed by the insurer.

Our advice is based purely on the needs of the insurer. Having an emergency fund in the form of health insurance is a must so that your hard-core savings does not get wiped off under the rising inflationary medical costs. 

We provide complete support to the insurer in settling the claim from the insurance company on his behalf.

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