Do you have many goals but do not know the strategy to achieve goals ? Well, we have got the roadmap for you to achieve all your goals.

Here, we will disclose the money management strategy that will help you to achieve all your goals.

Spending strategy followed by people these days:

They first, spend their money to buy leisure items.
Then. Earn. That means, before receiving the income, the spend their money using credit cards. And, when the salary/ income comes in hands, then it’s time to pay the bills. And, the credit card EMI. Not to mention the heavy charge in case you miss to pay your credit card bill on time.

Now, when it comes to savings, we are left with nothing.

This cycle continues and we do not know how can we plan to save for our future when we will not be able to work with the same enthusiasm.

The ideal strategy suggested:

Now if you have searched for the money management tips or the best ways to save money, you must have come across this strategy, which says
First, Earn
Then, Save
And then Spend what is left.

But wait ! Here’s a bonus for you.
Here is Financial Friend’s advice on the spending strategy that will help you to achieve all your financial goals:

**Earn — Plan — Invest — Spend**

Yes!! This is the ideal goal planning strategy.

So this is the way in which you should manage your money. If you follow this, then you will never experience shortage of money for your goals.

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