How to Pick the Best Mutual Funds ?

Best Mutual Fund

How do I know the best mutual fund ? 😕

With thousands of mutual funds available, it is difficult to pick the right one for yourself. So, here we are with the strategy that will help you to know how to choose the right mutual fund. 👍

1. Financial goals – Buying a house, Child Education, Child Marriage, Retirement Planning etc. When your goal is clear, then deciding the type of mutual fund becomes easier.

2. Risk-taking capacity – If you are in young age, your risk appetite may be high as compared to a person in middle age with moderate risk capacity & old age with low risk taking capacity.

3. Investment horizon – You will know that equity funds are best suited for meeting your goals with a long investment horizon and debt funds are best suited for short to medium term goals. For very short investment tenures (less than 1 year), funds like overnight funds, liquid funds, ultra-short duration funds etc. are suitable.

4. Investment objective – Equity funds are best suited for capital appreciation in the long term while debt funds are suitable if you want regular income.

5. Preferred mode of investment – By investing through SIPs, you can benefit from rupee cost averaging and power of compounding. In case you have ready funds, you can invest in a lump sum according to your optimal asset allocation.

Let us know your preferences & we will suggest you the list of best mutual funds for you. Contact us at 9460825477