Suppose you apply for an insurance claim and it gets rejected ? Now, in that situation, what should you do ? Whom should you contact ? These are the questions which arise. 


So, here is the complete detail on how to deal with insurance claim rejection.


First of all, Documentation is the most important thing in insurance, whether it is buying a policy or making a claim.

So, preserve all relevant documents and all communication which you should ensure is in written form.

If you think your insurance claim has been rejected on unfair grounds, then you can:


First, file a complaint with the insurance company. 


After you file a claim and provide the company with all the documents it asks for, they should accept or reject the claim in two weeks. This can be by hard copy letter, email or other electronic means of written communication. Please get an acknowledgement for any communication you send.


If you find that your complaint is not answered properly, then you can reach the insurance ombudsman, who will give a verdict either in favour of the policy holder or the company.


If still you are unsatisfied, then you can knock on the doors of consumer court.


However, you can go to consumer court anytime. There is no need to follow the sequence.


But, if you are reaching the insurance ombudsman, then you have to first reach the company and then file your complaint with the ombudsman.


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