Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a must for you, if you are the earning member of the family.

A life insurance policy will give you stress-free retirement, financial security, family protection  and wealth creation. It helps to meet the family expenses, in absence of the dependent person. Saving on tax is an added advantage of life insurance.

Choosing the best insurance for you and your family may seem quite overwhelming as the market is loaded with many options to choose from. 

There are many different types of life insurance policies in India – Term Insurance, Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP), Endowment Policy, Money Back Policy, Whole Life Insurance, Corporate Insurance, Group Insurance etc.

It is very important to understand the features of different types of policies and choose the type of policy that meets your needs.

But, with Financial Friend, you can be assured of buying the best insurance. Apart from the type of life insurance, there are other important points that need to be considered before. This includes calculating the amount of cover required. Your age, health, lifestyle etc. also affects the premium cost.

The earlier you opt, the less premium you have to pay.

We first analyze your needs, requirements and goals and then suggest the best options accordingly. Because, every type of policy has its own characteristics and they work in different manners.

We keep a regular check on the dates of premium and renewal, and keep our clients updated, so that they can relax.

From offering the best policy to hassle-free renewal and claim settlement, we keep everything easy & sorted for our clients.


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To plan your insurance, we would need the following information from your end.