Save or Invest ?

Which is better ?

So, What should you do ?

Let us understand.

Saving is mainly done for

1. To meet an Emergency: In case of any urgency, the liquid cash saved comes handy to use.
2. Pay Bills: The monthly bills- electricity, water etc are paid from our monthly savings.
3. Household Expenses: Our everyday household expenses, which includes grocery, maintenance, repair etc. are met with our savings.
4. Loan Re-payment: When it comes to loan re-payment, which may be credit card loan, home loan, personal loan, mortgage loan or any other. All loan payments are done from our savings.

And, Investment is done

To meet a specific future goal like
– Retirement Planning
– Child Education Planning
– Asset Building (Buying a house and Car etc)

So, how do we decide whether saving is better or investing.

Let us take a middle path.

Invest for your Future Financial Goals & Save for Monthly Expenses.

Also, Systematic management of money is very important for a secured financial future. 

As investment consultants, we make sure to manage our clients’ money in a manner which brings both security and good returns while also fulfilling their major goals.

Some points to note when managing your money are:

  1. Know your current financial situation.
  2. Keep account of every penny spent.
  3. Set a clear financial goal.
  4. Take consistent steps to reach your goal.
  5. Review your investments from time to time and make changes, when necessary.
  6. Stay updated with the upcoming investment opportunities.
  7. It is important to invest according to your set goal.

So, The correct way to manage money is to follow the correct steps as follows:

Salary/ Income >> Save/ Invest >> Pay EMIs/ Bills >> Spend

If you want help to make a monthly budget of your savings and investment for any of your goals, contact Financial Friend at 9460825477.


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