In the current scenario, when everyone desires money safety and very well know the risks associated with investing our hard earned money. Then why should I consider investing ?

Top reasons on why should you invest

1. Upgrading Lifestyle: If you wish to improve your lifestyle and spend on leisure items, then just saving will not do. Because saving will not help you grow your money fast. And, as we know luxuries are heavy on our pockets. So, you need to have that extra money which you can spend on these luxuries. Because, after paying all the bills from our savings, we are left with little. And, it’s not always appropriate to spend all your savings on these. So, it is apt to invest and use the appreciation earned to improve your lifestyle.

2. Meet Increasing Expenses: With the rising inflation and not so fast rising incomes, it is difficult to meet up with our day to day expenses. We have bills to be paid, EMIs and other fixed and variable expenses. So, it becomes very important to invest and grow money, so that we can catch up with the rising expenses.

3. Decreasing Bank Returns: We all love to park money in Fixed Deposits. Right? It’s the old age tradition being followed from generations to generations. But, unfortunately, this system is slowly becoming outdated. Because, you do not get inflation-beating returns in Fixed Deposit. So, instead of growing, we are depleting our savings. The returns on fixed instruments (like the Bank FDs) are decreasing with time. So, we need better financial instruments to keep our money. There are many options which are safe just like FD and give more better returns.

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